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By | October 14, 2019

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bigg boss 13 Voting Poll Online : Steps to Vote for your Favourite Contestants

bigg boss 13 has been started on 29th September. This time there are 14 Celebrities as the contestants in the BB house. bigg boss 13 Voting will be the option to reach its winner. And it will open after the official release of first nominations. Also, last time bigg boss 13 theme had been changed slightly. Due to which bigg boss 13 was to be like at every Indian home. People have started to vote more than previous seasons of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss 13 Voting Poll

Bigg Boss 13 Contestants Names List 2019 With Photos

Bigg Boss 13 Vote (Online Voting) Live Feed, SMS, Colors TV App vote to Save Your Favorite Contestants. bigg boss 13 Voting Polls, BB 13 Vote, Bigg boss 13 Voting Online & bigg boss 13 Live Feed. bigg boss 13 Colors TV Voting app, Bigg Boss voting app download. Check out bigg boss 13 Contestants Voting Result and Vote BB 13 Contestants Vote to Save your favorite participant on Bigg Boss Houses. Let me show you the complete details about Bigg Boss Voting process.

Almost everyone here is quite familiar with the steps of the show, voting methods, live feed and elimination procedures. You can also vote for any of the contestants online and check the voting poll result to predict the celeb or commoner to be eliminated in the following week. So want to know more about Bigg Boss 13 Voting Poll Online? Read the details below…

What is Bigg Boss 2019 Voting?

Bigg boss works on the elimination basis. Every week one contestant is eliminated from the show, nearly 3-4 contestants are evicted every week, and then voting is done to save the participants. The Bigg Boss contestant with the lowest votes has to leave the show.

Bigg Boss 13 Voting – How to Vote Online Polls & Save Your Contestants

How To Vote in bigg boss 13: bigg boss 13 has already started and people are really very excited to know each and every bit of it. 1st week is about to over and now the time of bigg boss 13 Voting Poll has come.

There are many people who want to vote in bigg boss 13 to save their favorite participant from eviction.

Nominations get completed every week and then people want to do bigg boss 13 voting online. However, Voting online is not that easy but we at make everything easy for you especially ‘Bigg Boss Voting Polls‘.

Moreover, If you are the one who is searching for bigg boss 13 Voting lines and want to know about bigg boss 13 Voting Polls online

If yes, then you are at the best place for this information. Here I will give you all the details that you need to vote for your favorite contestant and save them.

bigg boss 13 Voting Polls Results

In this season another change has been made which is – Entrance of Padosi. In which these padosi will be given special powers also. But at the time of nominations, all of the contestants as well as padosi’s have to participate. In which Voting polls makes a special place into consideration. So here we are to update you with every week’s nominated contestants Voting polls. With the help of Voting polls, you can get an estimate that which contestant is going to evict this week. So guys you have to participate in bigg boss 13 Voting Polls in order to predict the eviction of the week. We will here update the name of the contestants who will get nominated by the housemates along with their BB 13 Voting Polls. So vote for them.

Vote Details- bigg boss 13 Voting Polls

The Voting System will open for public when officially release. Guys we shared a complete details about bigg boss 13 Voting Polls (Online & Offline polls) live Feed on Colors TV App. The 11 season Bigg Boss Show, we have seen in many changed, were the viewers were able to get the Live Feed Earlier. The bigg boss 13 Season Time also Viewers can get bigg boss 13 Live Feed.

The previous 12 Season of Bigg Boss contestants were selected from different regions of India and they can participate in Bigg Boss House. The previous season bigg boss winner is Manveer Gurjaar through Voting progress. Due to the Live Online Voting method, Bigg Boss TV Reality Show is more popular to audience. Guys You May Check Everything about bigg boss 13 Live Feed on our website.

Bigg boss 13 Voting Polls [Online /Offline] Live Feed [Vote Numbers] !!

bigg boss 13 Voting?

bigg boss 13: Will Mahira or Abu Malik leave the house? Cast your vote

bigg boss 13 nominations have already become quite interesting. This week  6 contestants – Abu Malik, Assim,Siddharath, Mahira,Paras, Rashami Desai have got voted for eliminations. Who will face the wrath of eviction this week?


Bigg Boss 2019 Live Feed 24X7

bigg boss 13 Winner Prediction : Who will win bigg boss 13?

There are 2 Ways to Vote in Bigg Boss:

  • Offline voting can be done via this site
  • Through Voot Mobile App

But before you checkout the process of voting, let’s have a look at some other information of Voting in Bigg Boss.

For those who are new to Bigg Boss Season 13, I would like to give you a brief introduction about the Voting system in Bigg Boss.

Actually, Voting is a way to save a Bigg Boss Contestant from Elimination.

The Game of Bigg Boss works on Elimination where one person is eliminated from the show every week. Around 3 to 4 contestants are evicted every week and you have to vote via SMS to save your favorite contestant.The contestant with the lowest votes is eliminated and has to leave the beautiful house of Bigg Boss.

Check bigg boss 13  live streaming

bigg boss 13 Winner Prediction

Hello Bigg boss lover ! You like bigg boss 13 show very much and the same we too and that is the reason that made you come here for the bigg boss 13 winner prediction. Every single bigg boss fan love to watch the show as their favourite celebrity contestants are facing the camera 24*7 and they can watch them doing almost all the activities as a common man. The show is very popular among indian people and that is the reason that everyone wants to know that who will win bigg boss 13. So in this article we are doing bigg boss 13 winner prediction and trying to get the possible winner of bigg boss 13 and analyze all the contestants which are currently in the house.

bigg boss 13 Live Updates  only on Colors hd and colors channle with jio tv app live telecast online and offline.

Winner of bigg boss 13

bigg boss 13 winner will be decided on the finale day and highest vote gainer will be the winner of bigg boss 13. Contestants who will play fair and gain the people’s vote, will go through finale and have a chance to become winner of bigg boss 13. We will update the winner section soon as the winner will be declared. Keep visiting bigg boss 13 for the latest updates and till that let us discuss that who will be the winner of Bigg Boss Season 13.

Who will win bigg boss 13

check : Who is the bigg boss 13 Winner

bigg boss 13 Online Voting | BB 13 Vote Online

Eliminated your favorite participants to give vote online. You may Select this method How to Vote Online for bigg boss 13 Voting here is the complete guide for the bigg boss 13 online voting Details. Note That the online voting system is totally free of cost.

  • Go to Colors TV/ Official website ( ot
  • Now Register by using your Gmail ID, Facebook, Twitter ID
  • If you don’t have any social ID then click Sign Up and fill up all that box, click submit button and verify your Register.
  • Once you have successful complete registration Vote shortlisted your favorite contestant.
  • Mind it the online voting system is totally free and very easy.

Through This Process, everyone can vote online in bigg boss 13. The Bigg Boss Voting site will work after start of the Show on Colors TV.

bigg boss 13 Grand Finale, BB 13 Winner Name 2019 Full Update:-

The bigg boss 13 show is completely depending upon the audience polling votes and nominations. This show is so much interested show. In bigg boss 13 show, firstly the contestants will get selected for the bigg boss 13 Finale round after a lot of efforts. Time to time, the finale episode of bigg boss 13 is going to be much enjoyable, exciting and happening. So that your curiosity may increase time to time. Due to which, you can be able to Watch bigg boss 13 Grand Finale Full Episode Online through an official website of Colors TV by using Voot mobile app here.

Here are some simple steps to enjoy bigg boss 13 Grand Finale episode:

  • Visit an official website of Voot that is,
  • Then go to an option of watching out bigg boss 13 grand finale show.
  • Then the bigg boss 13 serial option will open a new page where you can select the Bigg Boss Season 13
  • After this, you can easily watch out bigg boss 13 Grand Finale Episode.
  • So you can easily enjoy the bigg boss 13 Grand Finale live streaming Finale episode without any.

bigg boss 13 Vote Offline | Bigg Boss Vote by SMS

I already explained that The Bigg Boss 13 Voting count through two ways Online and offline. Viewers are also able to Vote Offline to Vote their favorite contestant in bigg boss 13 House. Audience can vote shortlisted favorite participant through mobile sms. bigg boss 13 Voting by SMS guide details is given below.

  • Viewers are able to directly send the SMS code of the shortlisted contestants by sending an SMS to follow their Code.
  • Audience can directly type an SMS of Contestants Keyword and send it to 56882.
  • Eliminate/ Save your Favorite Participant of bigg boss 13 House through SMS. The Charge of Rs. 3 Rupees for Per SMS.

The bigg boss 13 Team members will eliminate best participant through Bigg Boss Voting. So don’t Miss too Joined to the Bigg Boss 13 Vote (Online or Offline) Process. Bollywood Actor Salman Khan will host for the 13 Season Bigg Boss Show.

Bigg Boss 13 Contestant SMS Code

The Viewers who are not able to Online voting they use another and costly SMS Process. Here are the details about bigg boss 13 Contestants Keywords or SMS Code. Bigg Boss Starting Moment every week will eliminate and Evicted Participant for their performance and Public Vote. So The bigg boss 13 Vote is Very Important for This Reality Show and also this show is most popular for this latest system. bigg boss 13 Premiere date will be 17th September 2019 and Salman Khan is Host for BB 13 Season Also. The Contestant SMS Code will update here after officially release.


Check bigg boss 13 Contestants


bigg boss 13 Colors TV Voting App | BB 13 Voting App Download

The Bigg Boss Reality TV Show is Very popular Show for the Voting Method. All The Viewers can vote their favorite contestant through Colors TV Official app. To Vote Bigg Boss Participant Using Colors TV Voting App. Guys You Can Vote your favorite Celebrity or Commoner by using bigg boss 13 Colors TV Voting App. Colors TV Voting Apps using method as mention below.

  • First Download voot Voting App from Google play store and more sources.
  • Lunch it and Sign in by using Gmail ID, Facebook ID or Twitter ID.
  • Then you may see the shortlisted contestants list, now vote your favorite participate simply click by the check box.
  • bigg boss 13 Colors TV App Voting is totally free of cost.


जैसा की आप सब जानते है बिग् बॉस तेरह में इस बार वोटिंग VOOT.COM पे हो रही है.. और आप लोग वोटिंग भी कर रहे है .. आप अपने पसंदीदा contestants को सेव या घर से बहार और ये शो जितने के लिए खूब वोट करते रहिये ताकि आपका प्रतिभागी बचा रहे और बिग्ग बॉस winner बने .. इस बार आपको जबरदस्त मनोरंजन तो देखने को मिल रहा है  अब वोट भी करते रहिये …


bigg boss 13 Voting Result

The bigg boss 13 All Viewers are able to get the Live Feed of the Show and they can vote to their favorite contestant. The Bigg Boss Voting will help the contestants to get saved from the elimination. The Elimination will be conducted on every Saturday of the moth. At the Maximum vote received participant declared as the winner of this week. Viewer can see bigg boss 13 Voting Result follow some process as mentioned below.

  • Access to the main web portal of this show is colors TV
  • In This site you will see bigg boss 13 Voting Result.
  • In This site you also able to vote your contestants: Click on the person’s name and confirm it.
  • More than 1 vote is not count by bigg boss 13 Team.

Bigg Boss 13 Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) answers

We Shared Bigg Boss 13 Vote (Online, Offline/SMS and Colors TV Voting Apps) method. please leave a comment if you have any question about Bigg Boss Vote article. Keep visiting this site for more Bigg Boss Updates. If you like my post share it with friends.


Some Other Contestants are :

bigg boss 13 Finale Date :

As we have discussed that bb13 winner will be declared on the night of finale and the answer will given that who is the bigg boss winner 2019. So the wait for bigg boss finale is over and the finale date is declared.

Bigg boss finale will one of the grand show of 2019. All the participants will be again on the same platform and they will try to create the same magic again. Viewers will also be able to watch their beloved but eliminated housemates again on the bb13 finale stage . The finale will be the grand show of 2 to 3 hours with couple of dance performaces of the contestants and later there will be declaration of winner of bigg boss season 13. Contestant who will get highest public votes will win the bigg boss 13. Winner of bigg boss 13 will get a winning trophy along with prize money of 50 lakhs.

Bigg boss season 13 finale date:  January, 2019. Sunday.

Get ready for the high voltage finale of bigg boss season 13 to get the winner of bigg boss season 13. 14th january will be great day for us as it is Makar Sankranti in India and also have some similar festivals all over in India and we have bigg boss finale. Bigg boss finale is nothing less than a festival for the bigg boss fan.


bigg boss 13 में अपने चहेते कंटेस्टेट को जिताने के लिए यहां करें फ्री में वोट

bigg boss 13 Voting Online Voot: इसके लिए सबसे पहले आपको पर जाना होगा। होम पेज पर थोड़ा नीचे स्क्रोल करेंगे तो कंटेस्टेंट को वोट करने का बैनर मिल जाएगा। लोगों की बिग बॉस में काफी दिलचस्पी है। इसे देखते देखते खुद को किसी न किसी कंटेस्टेंट से इमोशनली जुड़ गए होंगे। अगर अपने कंटेस्टेंट को जिताना आपके हाथ में होता तो उसको जिता भी देते। आप अपने चहेते कंटेस्टेंट को जिताने की कोशिश कर सकते हैं। इसके लिए बस आपको अपने कंटेस्टेंट को वोट करना है। अपने चहेते को जिताने के लिए आप सिर्फ उसे वोट ही कर सकते हैं, इससे ज्यादा कुछ नहीं कर सकते। चलिए हम आपको बताते हैं कि कैसे आप फ्री में वोट कर सकते हैं। आप अपने कंटेस्टेंट को जिताने के लिए ऑनलाइन और ऑफलाइन दोनों तरीके से वोट कर सकते हैं। ऑनलाइन वोट वेबसाइट और वूट ऐप से कर सकते हैं। वहीं ऑफलाइन वोट मोबाइल से मैसेज करके कर सकते हैं।

ऑनलाइन वोटिंग: इसके लिए सबसे पहले आपको पर जाना होगा। होम पेज पर थोड़ा नीचे स्क्रोल करेंगे तो कंटेस्टेंट को वोट करने का बैनर मिल जाएगा। इस पर कंटेस्टेंट की फोटो लगी होंगी और वोट नाउ (VOTE NOW) लिखा होगा। अब वोट नाउ पर क्लिक करना है। इस पर क्लिक करते ही यह आपसे आपके फेसबुक या जीमेल अकाउंट के साथ लॉगिन करने के लिए कहेगा। वोट करने के लिए जीमेल या फेसबुक अकाउंट होना जरूरी है। जब आप फेसबुक या जीमेल के माध्यम से लॉगिन कर लेंगे तो आपके सामने कंटेस्टेंट्स की फोटो के साथ लिस्ट आ जाएगी। अब अपने कंटेस्टेंट को यहां वोट कर सकते हैं।

ऐप से फ्री में वोट: सबसे पहले अपने स्मार्टफोन में Voot मोबाइल ऐप इंस्टॉल करनी होगी। इसमें फेसबुक या जीमेल एकाउंट से लॉगिन करना पड़ेगा। इसमें सबसे पहले आपको वूट वाले ऑप्शन को ओपन करना है। अब आपको होमपेज पर ही BIGG BOSS  13 के कंटेस्टेंट को वोट करने के लिए बैनर मिल जाएगा। अब उसपर क्लिक करना है। जब आप इसपर क्लिक करेंगे तो वोट नाउ का ऑप्शन मिलेगा। अब इस पर क्लिक करना है। इस पर क्लिक करते ही नॉमिनेट किए गए कंटेस्टेंट की फोटो के साथ लिस्ट आ जाएगी। जिस कंटेस्टेंट को आपको वोट करना है उसपर क्लिक करके सबमिट कर दें। आपको Thanks For Voting का मैसेज मिलेगा।


Now that’s all from us now for bigg boss 13 winner prediction. bigg boss 13 winner name is going to be declared soon and all the questions will be answered very soon. Do not forget to share this article and give your possible bigg boss 13 winner name in the comment box.

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  1. Muskan

    Worst season of bb 11 ..punish nd akash r d finalists😏..muje tu bigg boss k upar hasi aati hai😜..atleast 3 log tu layak bach gaye bigg boss k final me

    1. Raj

      Sahi kaha aapne dono gadhe Andar. Bekar nomination kiye h? Organizers ko Etna bhi nhi samjhata? Ghatiya season

  2. Soni Mehra

    Plz don’t sent luv home. He is playing lik a gentleman at least he don’t deserve to go back before Akash and punesh

  3. Paresh

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  6. Orchid

    Nomination bilkul sahi nahi tha…..Punish and Akash should be thrown out from the house….Bekar he dono

  7. Mona

    Ekdam ghatiya nomination hua h is baat .Akash and puneesh how? They both are save.thank God is baat voting lines bnd h.

  8. Riii

    BIGBOSS Z GOING UNFARE DISTYM…..Aap sab Luv ko nikalne k pichhe q pade ho???He z d best n most deserving guy to win Bb11 n Audience Heart also….Akash puneesh Vikas ye 3 semifinale main q??Cartoon show chal raha hai kya??We wil Always Luv n support 4 Luv tyagi only…..❤

    1. Liz

      Come on INDIA…………. Vote for HINA . . .HINA….
      She is the only one who is utilising Brain
      in the game n playing….

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    Luv tyagi koi angal se perfect nahi Khel Raha hai kaha se vote mil Raha hai ..uska bahar koi pehchan tagra hai..Nikalo usko Aab..vikash Gupta toh nahi jeetna chahiyen chhath se bhaag Raha hai ..Akash pagla hai or punish ghanta hai …

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    Pls vote for Hena frens …… I see her the most eligible n deserving

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    Very poor website..first thing website bnane wale ko website bnani nai ati….and second thing ki bandagi kalra padosi nai thi

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    Vikas Gupta seems to b v tired . . . . . let him go home n rest in his mother’s laps.. . . . .

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    Shilpa is the best she s playing well plz vote for shilpa she deserves to win bb season 11

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    Shilpa & Vikas Game Master & Hina Deserve for final Luv is not performing well

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    I like Shilpa and i want shilpa win bb11 no other
    Vote forshilpa

  16. Mona

    Are mahan log is week voting lines bnd h.aap kaise vote kroge .TV Ni dekhte ho Kya TV pe clear likha rahta h ki is week vote n kre Kyu ki voting lines bnd h.aur bole ja rAhe ho usko save kro tho unko save kro. Yahi aap log TV dekhte ho bigboss aur kehte ho site khrab ho gya.iss week koi Ghar se Ni niklega, nonsense and by the way luv bkwass khel raha h jiske pass dimag tho h Ni and both shilpa and Hina ghmandi h apne aapko tez samajhti h and shilpa ke do pyade puneesh and Akash bkwass yahi aaplog big boss dekhte ho ki pta hi ni vote krna h bhi ya ni.and vikash Gupta is best.ghar tho un logo ki jana chahiye and badi badi baaten krne wale log Jo vikash ko bolte h ki Ghar Jana chaiya itna dam that tho khud kyu Ni chale aaye baat krte h.vikas is only best

  17. ram

    बेवकूफ़ हैं जो हिना को वोट दे रहे हैंबेवकूफ़ हैं जो हिना को वोट दे रहे हैंबेवकूफ़ हैं जो हिना को वोट दे रहे हैंबेवकूफ़ हैं जो हिना को वोट दे रहे हैंबेवकूफ़ हैं जो हिना को वोट दे रहे हैंबेवकूफ़ हैं जो हिना को वोट दे रहे हैंबेवकूफ़ हैं जो हिना को वोट दे रहे हैंबेवकूफ़ हैं जो हिना को वोट दे रहे हैंबेवकूफ़ हैं जो हिना को वोट दे रहे हैंबेवकूफ़ हैं जो हिना को वोट दे रहे हैंबेवकूफ़ हैं जो हिना को वोट दे रहे हैंबेवकूफ़ हैं जो हिना को वोट दे रहे हैंबेवकूफ़ हैं जो हिना को वोट दे रहे हैंबेवकूफ़ हैं जो हिना को वोट दे रहे हैंबेवकूफ़ हैं जो हिना को वोट दे रहे हैंबेवकूफ़ हैं जो हिना को वोट दे रहे हैंबेवकूफ़ हैं जो हिना को वोट दे रहे हैंबेवकूफ़ हैं जो हिना को वोट दे रहे हैंबेवकूफ़ हैं जो हिना को वोट दे रहे हैंबेवकूफ़ हैं जो हिना को वोट दे रहे हैंबेवकूफ़ हैं जो हिना को वोट दे रहे हैं

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    Mujhe toh lg ra ye reality show ni amm show type ka hi h jo script base h

  19. Muskan

    iss hafte voting lines band hai ..this week voting lines r closed….top 3 me tu luv ,hina aur shilpa ku hi aana hi 3 log deserve karte hai top 3 me aana…waise puneesh finalist.. kyun.. bigg boss k organizers itna ghatiya decision kaise le sakte hai..Cnt believe..

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  21. Amu singh

    Pls guys vote for hina…. mujhe hina achhi lagti thi but aaj ka episode dekhr to mai hina ki fan ho gyi hu…and shilpa and love ne apni ghatia oukaat dikha hi di… pura season lv hina ka best frnd ban k rha h… or ab yha tak pohchne k baad aaj puneesh or akaash k saath milke khel rha h.. or to or ab hina ko hi ankh dikha rha h… or udha bdi tyaag ki devi banti thi shilpa… aj kaise hina k saath cheating ki usne… hina shilpa ka bag save kr rhi thi or shilpa janbuuj kr punish k saamne khadi hogyi ta k punish hina ka bag khaali kr sake or khud b punish ki help kr rhi thi hina ka bag khaali me… hina k puchhne pe saaf mukar gyi… guys itne weeks mai Maine jo dekha h parkha h use yhi clear huya k hina dil ki boht saaf h…. sooo pls guys dil or dimaag dono se soch samajh kr usi person ko vote kro jo bilkul clean khela h…biggboss13 ki trophy galat haathon me nhi jaani chahiye….. plssss vote for hina

    1. Priya Saini


      Hina Khan is deserving to win BB11
      Pls guys vote for Hina. She is playing very well and she is not playing double game.
      She is playing individually.

      Thanks ..

  22. Mona

    Har kisi ka apna khud ka opinion hota h ,infact Hina ne bhi cheating ki h and shilpa luv and puneesh ye sab new cheating ki h is task me so I don’t think so that Hina is honest and good player.its my opinion that vikash Gupta is best and he is playing well .I know that u all support luv ,Hina and shilpa but I support only vikash Gupta because he is the only men who deserves the trophy .

  23. Muskan

    Hina is most deserving cotestent to win bb11 trophy… love u hina khan nd luv tyagi..

    1. FARAZ

      HIna Khan hahahah kiya woh muslim hain aisy itny behudaa kapray .better support to Shilpa who not forget her tradition.

    1. Rishi bherwani

      Nhi bhai
      Hina is strong contestant nd she is playing good

  24. Muskan

    Love u hina khan may allah bless u with bb11 trophy..inshallah👍

  25. Mona

    Shilpa ke fans kaise h . such a disgusting fans of shilpa .means Hina ke hair pull kr diye.and still shilpa was busy in shaking hands with her fans . Shilpa is really selfish women .she even don’t protect Hina Khan and busy in shaking hands.nonsense.l don’t know why people vote shilpa.vikas is much better than shilpa.he saves Hina not shilpa . really vikash is best .and I think also Hina fans supporting only ur eyes gys shipa is not good.

  26. Soni Mehra

    This is all plan by bigboss maker. They did mall voting so that luv tyagi gets out.
    I hate bigboss

  27. Girish Jadhav GJ

    14 week nominations are totally unfair.
    Nominations should be on basis of online voting.
    This show is following whole India not only that peoples came in mall.

    1. Zeekay zahida khan

      BB ka final hai love bhi nikal gaya sab favorite chaly gay 1 2 k sewa …Janab screen say gaib …lykin agar screen par am na Samana huwa our kise ko sath dekha to wo is dunia say bachao ka zarya Hoga only …ab akely task karna mushkil hai …Dil to ap k sath hai our miss bhi bohat karta Hai …BB +B 😙

  28. Muskan

    I hate u salman khan..aap kaise kisike upar aisa bol sakte ho akash ku bahar koyi 100 rs b nhi lega…how mean he is yaa..har baar shilpa shilpa kehte hai

  29. FARAZ

    Hina Khan musalmano per dhabba hai what kind of dresses she wear .Shilpa much better than her .Shilpa should win Inshallah.

  30. Muskan

    Who the hell r u man dnt cmnt on girls u hina khan u r the best..plz plz guys vote for hina khan..ladkiyon ki izzat karna sikho bhai sab aap jo hoo kabhi ladkiyon ki kapdon k upar cmnt naa karo o jo b pehne unki marzi agar kuch hai tu unke perents hai unko bolne k liye..👍

    1. FARAZ

      muskan ji hina nay apna image kharab kerdiya hain ..totaly fake what she show in this way …so plzzz .

    2. Anu mAhajan

      Muskan ji heena ne kitni izzat di hai arshi khan ko apne episode dekha hoga jisme heena khan ne khud Arshi ke kapdo pe comments kiya tha wo bhi ek ladki thi aur ladkiyo ki izzat khud hath mai hoti hai…..

  31. FARAZ

    Shilpa is the best not hina makeup girl who always sit on bed only /

  32. Muskan

    Haan thik hai faraz ji aap shilpa k fan ho mai aap ku galat nhi bolrahi par plzz kisi b girl ku unke kapdo k upar judge mat karo na..shilpa apni side thik hai aur hina apni side..hina kapde short pehnti hai tu aap unke mazhab k upar kaise bol sakte hoo..kaise kapde pehne o sabi unki wish hai..kisi girl k upar aisa mat kaho

  33. Muskan

    Plz guys vote fr hina khan..she z really playing nyc…plz plz vote for her

  34. Anu mAhajan

    Muskan ji heena ne kitni izzat di hai arshi khan ko apne episode dekha hoga jisme heena khan ne khud Arshi ke kapdo pe comments kiya tha wo bhi ek ladki thi aur ladkiyo ki izzat khud hath mai hoti hai…..

    1. FARAZ

      YES Anu u r rite aur her kisi ki izaat hai Hina Khan ko apni tradition ka khyal rakhna chayeh k woh kiya dekhana chary hain apnay jism ki numaish kerkay aur arshi ka kitna mazaak banaya is aurat nay. .bigg boss 13 Shilpa deserve or Vikas .

  35. chandan

    हिनाको पता चल गया कि सिल्पाको ‌voting ज्यादा मिल रहि इस लिये सालि हिना सिल्पाको गलत साबित कर्नेमे लागि ये बात नेपालि होकर जान गया तुम सब कब सम्झोगे

  36. Muskan

    Han ji o log ghar me hai waise mahol me unku khud ku nahi malum padta ki o kya karte hai..waise shilpa ne kaha tha na ladka hai kuch b bol sakta hai aap log use hi badawa de rahe ho.. o log jaise bahar nikal ta hai tu unki reality me aajate hai..aap log tu bahar hoo na ladkiyon ki izzat karna sikho…kabhi unki kapdo k upar cmnt mat karo..unki khud ki marzi hai o jo chahe pehne

  37. Feriha

    Hina khan is dramebazz ….ghamandi …akdu ..sirf 8 saal kaam ki h or usko itna ghamand h …shipla ne to 15 year se industry me h usne to kbhi aisi bate nhi ki …..I just hate hina khan …aaj vikas ne bhi apna face dikha hi diya jb 4 log bolte h to shuru ho jata h bulayi karne …nhi to samne me mithi mithi baate karega …..bichari shipla ..ghr ko sambhalti h or sab usko natak samjhte h …in logo ko to ab kisi k ansu bhi jhute lagte h …I just hate hina and vikas …I wish shipla jeete ye season or woh dono k ghamand ko tode ….I love u shipla ji

  38. Rajeev Kumar

    I like vikash gupta because wo achha khel raha hai agar aaplog pura sision Dekhe hai to vikash Kisi ko heart nhi karta hai.silpa uske piche apne past ko lekar padi jo is big boss me allowed nhi tha vikash jiske sath diya wohi use dhoka diya hai chahe wo punish ho ya other Koi bhi..mera manna hai vikash har game achhe se khelta hai. But aaplog to stardom ke piche jaoge khel nhi dekhoge Kisi ke banawati face par vote mat Karo jo achha khelta hai uspar par vote Karo my vote vikash gupta

  39. Mona

    Oo please Shilpa ek no. Ki faltu aur ghamandi aurat h apne aap ko tez samajhti h. Ghmandi h assu nakli hota h uska and don’t talk wrong about. Vikash he is best face tho Shilpa ki kb se dikji h ghmandi rahta h usko hr baat pr dramebaaz .and vikash is best.

  40. FARAZ

    Shilpa only the best who perform every thing she deserve only …….Inshallah

  41. Ajaya

    Silpa is theasy best
    She winer this time
    Good bless u slipan Ji u r the best
    Fullconfidence I know u r winner ……

  42. Rajan

    Sabya Sachi was told by the host that this is not a cookery show.and that he has to get more involved in tasks.Please let me know if this is not applicable for Shilpa Shinde.She has not come to bigg boss 13 as a cook for contestants.She prefers that not to get involved in tasks and for sympathy.As stated other people who does all other works are not considered at all.During the media interview one of the person asked hina about Puneesh and Bandagi.Why they have not asked Shilpa who had also commented abt them.This is clear partiallity by the producers for supporting.A man like puneesh who was de worst contestants survived only because of his closeness to Shilpa and now in top 5.
    Shame on this show.

  43. Sameer

    Salman khan dogla kaam karrahe ho aapke pichley time vekaas ko kam vote they to aapko doosre voting karaney ke keya zaroorat agar zaroorat the to bigboss sho sirf un logo ko he dekhayeye sab ko nahe agar raye lena hai to sab ke loan ya for aapke kis tarha abhe tak keya waise bhe aapke nahe karna tha

  44. Mona

    Vote se tho saaf pta chal raha h ki ye show Hina jitegi naa ki shilpa

  45. Feriha

    Hina is s cheap girl ….namakharam h sab k sab ….are agar insanapne kisi dushman ko bhi khana khila de na to woh to bhi thoda ahsas rakhna h bt …yaha to sab kisi ko itna sa bhi ahsas nhi h ki woh din bhar kaam kaam karti h thodi to bhi respect de … logo aisa kr rahe h na shipla k sath ….I hope jaisa woh shilpa k sath kr rahe h na waisa hi Un logo k sath ho …us namakul ..namurad hina k sath to bht bura ho …itni akad ari na last week me ..itni hi unhygienic lag rahi h na us hina ko shilpa …to uske hath se bana khana kyu kha rahi 3 month se ….itni ghamandi insan aaj tk nhi dekhi yaar ….shilpa ko unhygienic bol rahi h to 3 month se shilpa k hath ka bana khana kyu kha rahi thi…kaamchor kahi ki …
    I love you shilpa aap hi winner banogi ….mai ye dua roz karugi

    1. FARAZ

      Inshallah Shipla jeetay gy Allah Tala saath daina uska Plzzzz.Hina khan totally ghamandi aurat hai.

  46. vikky soni

    piz……… puneesh sharma ko voting kare……piz piz piz …..

  47. Priya

    Shilpa is fake. uske nakli ansu hai
    bhai samjho iss baat ko

    Hina ne sare tasks mai 100% diya hai. aur hina ne sabhi ke liye stand liya hai.
    Hina is most deserving to win BB11
    Good Luck Hina

  48. Vikash Kumar soni

    Heena is my Favorite contestants. so pllz guz vote for Heena Khan .
    because Hina is playing very well and she is very honest person.

  49. FARAZ

    Allah SWT Shilpa ko jeetai Aameen. Sirf woh hee deserve kerti hai Bas.

  50. Nikita

    i was a fan of shilpa but nowadays she is looking fake & overconfident. she is raising unnecessary issues & shading tears dont know why. Either this shilpa is fake or last one for whom i voted earlier hence i will vote for hina for being true & straight forward person hence good luck hina , my vote goes to you.

    1. Zeekay zahida khan

      Ufff ufff ufff BB+B 😙 lagta Hai jeet haar k leye nahi esy he BB k stage ko hath lagany k leye samny anna paryga mujhy …magar kise banana paryga apna …to tayari hai ?

  51. aaaa

    shilpa will win everybody is trying to clear their image in last week and pick weak points of shilpa and destroy her patience plzz vote for shilpa HATE U HINA ARSHI VIKAS A KAASH

  52. Muskan

    Haan magar mach ke ansoon dikha ke aap sabku bewakoof bana rahi hai..aur aap log ban rahe abhi b tym hai maan jao shilpa kuch b nahi karti hai o sirf roo roo k vote bator rahi hai…plzz guys vote for hina khan plzz…

    1. waseem saifi

      hina ko vote kijiye sab log yar dekhiye kisne jyada mhenat ki h jitne k liye har bat m ladke se mukabla kiya h hina h sabke samne chelenj rhi h wo har time or koi nhi h yar shilpa ne to givaup kiya h bar bar fir wo kyu

  53. waseem saifi

    Hina hi jiteygi kyuki har time acha kiya h kisi bhi cheez m pheche nhi thi sabse age thi hamesha hina ko deni chaiye jit shilpa n kiya kya h har time giveup kiya h or khuc nhi or hina n to har waqth jinta chaha h or abhi dekhiye hina hi kar rhi h shilpa n khuc nhi kiya sir vikas se badla l8ya or khuc nhi

  54. Muskan

    Shilpa is knows only one thing only drama..drama k alawa kuvh nhi aata sirf blame karna aata hai unku akash ne mera sat ye kiya o kiya…o jo karti hai o nhi dikta😏

  55. FARAZ

    Shilpa fake nahi hain Vikas aur Hina bhut kamina pan keray hain uskay khilaaf .Inshallah Shilpa jeetay gy .

  56. Mona

    First of all dono hi Yani Shilpa and Hina fake , ghmandi,aur dogle insaan h. These two women in the house is a wamp. I hate theese two lady.mean h dono

  57. FARAZ

    Shilpa nay Vikas ko shirts wapis kerdy task mai to kehta hai dekhwa kerahi hain devi bannay ka natak than usnay task mai hina drama queen ka Mug thora to kehty hain yeh hai iski asliyat what kind of person they are hina and uska chaila Vikas dono Shilpa ko neehca dekhana charay hain but Hope Allah Uski Madaad Fermai aur woh jeetay Inshallah Shilpa you are the winner .

  58. FARAZ

    Hina fake woman who just lying on bed and busy in makeup .Roo muje laijao Roo .hahaha .

  59. FARAZ

    Shilpa aap winner hoo chahey koi bhi jeetay like Fake girl Hina but ur the true winner. Inshallah

  60. Muskan

    Bttr prsn shld win expect shilpa dhongi hai….mean tag z suites to her..mean lady in bb house..kuch b hoo seeda camera k pass jati hai roona chalu karti hai …A 1 chalu hai Shilpa shinde..

  61. Rajni

    Hina is best… Shilpa jaise pariwaar ke rishte nhi bnasye. Shiloa is shi shi aurat hai jisne Akaash ke satth gnda kiya, fir oose hi bura bna diya.. Aise aurat ki vajah se girls badnaam hoti hai.. Girls should strong as Hina. Na ki shilpa… Karma proved ki vo MEAN that hai. BB ki girls mein sirf uski pic lgi mean.. Board pr.. Worst Shilpa… Best Hina

  62. Orchid

    Love u hina….full support 2 you…..
    Fake to Shilpa hain
    RO ROOKE Vote kamana chahti hain
    Task nahi karta
    Par vote chahiye….
    puree season me kya kiya Shilpa ne
    Bikash se jhagra

  63. Afifah Faruk

    hina is winner… not shilpa… agar shilpa ne aay show jita to bohat unfair hogi coz shilpa ne only fun paar depand kiya hain.. our kuch nehi.. or cooking bohat acche che kiya hain… agar big boss cooking show hoti tho shilpa winner hoti bt this is not cooking show… hine big boss main uski 100% diya hain… our shilpa ne cooking kiya hain all time tho next big boss 12 main sab cooking sikh kar aayagi.. task chor kar cooking karegi…shilpa ne ro rooke aayha tak pouchi hain…our hina ne hard working che aayha tak poucha hain…khud ki dum par.. hina is real not fake… fake tho shilpa hain….

  64. Mona

    Ufff sabko pta h ki show Hina jitegi tho itna likhna Kyu Shilpa aur Hina ke bare me ki my vote for her aur that. Jab ek baar pta chal hi gya tho itna likhna Kyu and ye Kyu bolna ki shilpa hi jitegi ek baar mall me jyada vote aa Jane se show Ni hit jayegi Shilpa . online vote me pta chalta h ki Kon kisko jyada support kr raha h. Aur ho h Hina . Hina is ok playing well but she is little bit just like Shilpa shinde .both of lady are fake it is my opinion.

  65. Muskan

    Jitegi tu hina hi par kuch b hoo support tu banta hina only 3 day to go…

  66. Alok

    Am not fan of anyone..but I am fan of big boss.

    If I see the game played in full season with good, dedication, reality, straight forwrdness. That is only by Shilpa jee. Hope there will be no deal or setting . If nothing such than Shilpa jee will win or she has to be Winner

    Big boss, hope there is nothing pre setting.


  67. beetu

    shilpa win the big boss title. fake hina Khan never win the big boss title.

  68. Jasvinder Verma

    Hina khan very hard working usne har task badi mehnat ke shaathkiya ha mera har vote hina khan ko ha
    I don’t like fake people shilpa shinde
    Dogla aadmi punesh look like snake yeah saala kesi ka saaga nahi ha

  69. Mona

    Hina is full of drama queen ek no. Ki nautanki baaz h .uski image tho dikh hi gai kitni fake h aur ghamandi aur aaj ye bhi dikh gya ki wo kitni lalchi insaan h nonsense Hina Khan. iske baad

  70. Amit Sharma

    Hina iss season ki best player he agar shilpa ko big boss ne winner banaya to Big boss dekhna band kyunki yaha sab set Kar rahe he

  71. Sallu

    Hina jetege bc hina bhut hi strong h dosto ke lye dost dushmno ke lye dushman aur jo bhi kahna h samne kahti h hamesha front par khela h aur kbhi har nh manti

  72. shikha thakur

    Shilpashinde shuru me acha khel rhi thi lekin jab se wo punisha or bandagi ke saath hui tab se wo itna acha nahi khel rhi hai punisha shilpa ke piche khel ke top4 me aagaya jab ki top 4 me arshi ko hona chahiye tha…abhi hina acha khel rhi hai

  73. Muskan

    Yeah hina is best..strongest thn all other players..all support for hina khan

  74. Soni Mehra

    I appreciate how puneesh took stand for hina khan well done puneesh👍🏻

  75. ash khan

    hina khan your best allha se dua karunga tum yeh show jeet ke baar niklo

  76. Feriha

    Shilpa is the best ..
    Love u shilpa …u will win this season …love u

  77. honey

    big boss 11 mai sub say zyada toucher hina ko howa hai till tak horaha hai emotionally mentally

    save hina

    1. danish

      What the hell are you talking Shilpa is best she is very real and honest not a fake person Vikas and hina r fake and mean person

  78. Muskan

    Definitely hina vl win the show inshallah… punish ne achha kiya hina ke liye stand leke..hina ne photo ku touch b nhi kiya tha ahila ne bewajah hina k upar ilzaam lagaya..jhuti kaheen ki..

  79. Mona

    Bhale hi voting ke isaab se Hina Khan is show ki winner ho but true winner is vikash Gupta.who is playing wonderful . vikash Gupta me apne dam pr money jite h . according to vote vikash Gupta is in third posting but he is the true winner and shilpa sinde also both of them is real winner of the show . Hina ne tho bs vote ke according jitegi .Hina Khan ek no. Ki jhuthi insaan h usne puneesh ko vikash ke baare me bola tha ki ‘let the world see’ wo kitna mean ho skta h and jab ye baat puneesh be vikash ko btai tho Hina ne baat ko platdiya aur able hi din jab vikash ne usse coffee manage tab usne kaha ‘ki kl Maine sahi bola tha let the world see’ how lier she is.kuch bol ke baad me bonaki Maine ,Maine kab bola tha such a lier girl she is.real winner is vikash and shilpa.luv u….

    1. FARAZ

      yes mone u r correct real Winner Vikas and Shipla .Aur kal undono ki journey dekh ker shahrukh Kjol yaad agai Allah tala Dono ko top Two main phoncai. Aameen.

  80. Muskan

    thali ka baingan akash ku kaha gaya tha actually vo title correctly vikas gupta ku suit karta hai..kabhi idhar kabhi udhar 🐒 bilkul aise dikhta hai idhar b nachunga aur udhar b nachunga..usne baat jo ki hai o bolne layak nhi hai..

  81. Shubhangi jagtap

    Please friends vote for shilpa shinde, he is real mastermind .bhale he hina ko jyada votes ho per bb11ki winner to shilpa the mastermind he hai
    shilpa bohot accha game khel rahi ho kep it up and win this game good luck!

  82. aamir khan

    Hello friends i respect all members but it is humbly request to vote HINA KHAN becouse she is the one how diserve to win she is so strong.thanks friends

  83. FARAZ

    I saw yesterday episode where Bigg boss show whole journey of all four Contestant the best is Vikas and Shilpa They deserve to Win .bIgg boss is not only a task game its a full patience,emotional and respect .Shilpa Win the hearts .

  84. Mona

    Thanks ka baign vikash ni hina ka khud ka dost luv h jokabhi uske saath rahta kavhi shilpa me saath hhaaah hina dost me layak hi ni h kyu ki pahle priyank se jhagra ki aur bad me luv dono hi dost se usko ni bni hhaaah ye h hina

  85. Priya jaiswal

    Bigg boss is very wrong with the decision
    In actual fact hina is the winner as due to the voting system but bigg boss changed his decision and took a wrong decision to make live voting.
    Hina you are the best deserving winner and you will be always a winner.

  86. Feriha

    Yo Bro shilpa shinde finally jeet hi gayi ……🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎉🎊🎊🎊🎉🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊I’m so happy ….love shilpa …God bless you ……
    Pata h hina show kyu nhi win kar pati because woh ghamandi h ….usko itna to pata chal gaya hoga ki woh kaha stand karti h……bade aye Bolne wale hina jeetegI…..
    KARMA Bro …..hina ko uska karma mil gaya ….
    Love u shilpa …….

    1. Zeekay zahida khan

      Congratulations to shilpa …
      Mei shart jeet gai ….🚘
      Jis din shilpa Big boss k gate sat in huwi the meny kaha Yai larki jeetygi. ..Mery bhai NY kaha tum koi najumi ho keya …shart lagao final tak is leye to dekha aik to bb+b our aik shart ki wajha say …
      Hum shilpa ko nahi janty Magar phir bhi best vishes for her …😘

  87. Muskan

    Wtevr hamare liye tu sherkhan hi winner hai waise kya bharoosa vote k sath kya hua..sherkhan is the real winner for her fans its proud mmnt love u hina khan always…

  88. Feriha

    Girl power girl power bol bol k usne ladkiyo ki hi burayi ki ………uska ghamand tuta ya nhi woh khuda hi Jane …..
    Shilpa shinde is the best …..

  89. Muskan

    Bigg boss khatam cmnts b khatam abi na nxt season me milenge wait karte rehna bubye guys…

  90. FARAZ

    Shipla Deserve kerti thy aur woh jeeti humesha Allah Saaf niyat rakhnay walo ka saath daita hai Shilpa you win the hearts of all fan from whole world who know what you are .Wish you a great bright future. Shilpa BB11 Queen.

    1. Mrityunjai

      Shilpa didn’t do any task ….she does deserve……..Hina Khan is best…..

    2. Mrityunjai

      Shilpa is dramebaaz……..she didn’t do any task,,……….Hina ko Save karo……Hina is best

    3. Avinash

      Shilpa mam ko win karo please good ladki he bhagvan unko nahi khush take its my wish,

    4. KAJAL


      1. Priya

        haa aa gyi Shilpa chudail ki sachhai samne . pahle heena ke rone ka majaak uda rhi thi. ab khud kyu ro rhi hai. Khana tau pahle seasons mai bhi banta tha. par nhi madam ko tau akele hi kitchen sambhalna hai. koi aur agar kitchen mai chla jaye tau ussse ye madam ladne lagti thi.
        kitchen mai jakar pta nhi khud ko kya samjhti hai. Hina shuru se akele khel rhi hai.
        ghamndi shilpa.
        Pls guyes vote for Hina..

    5. Saba Shahid

      Waise to Hina K votes ziada hain. 😇
      Aur Shilpa kis kis khushi mai save kardain. 😈
      Shilpa is this 😈
      Hina is this 😇

    6. alina

      yes shilpa should win otherwise ye kia mazaq ha hina is true lier all throughout otherwise its fixed

      1. Punam Khaparde

        No….Thats not true… She deserves to win bb11 trophy…..

      2. Ajaz Ali

        q tera chalega kya jo tu bole usko karege ham to hina ko winar banayge

      3. swarna shenoy karu

        Hina Khan feke vamp, jooti hai, Nikalo Hina khan ko bahar!!

      4. Jk

        Baaaher bahuth saare dogs pukaarthe Hai per koi asar nahi padthaa Hina best contestant 💞💞💞

      5. Nupur

        Shilpa fake hai staring ke 5 week tak real face tha ab dhongi baba bani hai

          1. Mary

            Hina khan is transperant doing anything she is not fake like shilpa shinde doing

          2. M

            Hina khan is transperant doing anything she is not fake like shilpa shinde doing

          3. A

            बेवकूफ़ हैं जो हिना को वोट दे रहे हैं

          4. Nasreen

            exactly!!! she is straight forward but atleast she doesn’t blame others blindly like shilpa & arshi….shilpa n arshi’s mind is full of negativity….so bad minded they are,they think they are the hero others are zero

          5. Azhar

            Hina s playing well she will win and she should. Love u had hina

          6. Numita

            Kuch bhi kya hinako support karo jo ahrot khud bhul jati gat khudne kya boltha usko support kareneki bhat bolte ho talk to the wall….

          7. shaheen shaikh

            yes we support Hina she is playing wonderful and very straight forward.

      6. sonam

        punish or bandagi ko nikal na parega show kare aya ya line marne aya fuck

          1. amit

            Shilpa जी को बचाओ तभी तो मज़ा आएगा

          1. KAJAL


          2. Mohammed

            ur right kalyani ….Is Totally waste person…BANDAGI
            is waste in the show ….Bakwassss Hai Bandagiii

          1. Mohammed rabah

            bhai luv tyagi is the best plz vote kro vo dserve krta h or uski percnality love hi jeetega dekh lena bs vote krte rho plzzzzz

        1. Pooja

          Hina fack nhi he. Ap logo ka deakhne ka nzaria fack hina kise ke samne achi bane ka natak nhi karti jo andar he vo muh pe he so hina is not face. Okejhhjj

          1. Mehak

            You are right. Because of hina luv tyagi get more votes

      7. Ruhi

        Fake tum log ho
        Hena nhi
        Wo games khelne aai h islye she is playing well

        1. A

          महामूर्ख हिना खुद को nominated होने से तो बचा नहीं सकती Lov को चाट रही है.. माचिस की तीली लगाती है और अपनी गलती भी नही मानती……बाहयात हिना के supporter बाहयात लोग

          1. Adnan

            Sahi he Bhai sab ki lagta ki Luv Hina ke piche par
            Hina Luv ke talvechat rahi he
            Bigg boss me Luv Aur Priyank ki friend ship achi lagrahi hi

          1. Balvir kumar

            Hina is a diplomatic girl…and she is a fake girl and makes fake relationship…so don’t vote for hina when she is nominated for eviction.
            Now its time to vote for shilpa sinde…

      8. mohd

        Are hina to fir bhi bhut acha kar rhi h but ye batao bandagi yaha bs apne baalo m ungliya karvane or bf dhundhne aayi h kya
        Shabyasachi kya kar rha h nothing

      9. Vicky sandhu

        Bilkul sahi yaar itni fake dramebazz aurat hae
        Khud ko pta nhi kya samjti hae yeh hina khan, iska toh rona bhi fake hae logo ko emotional krke votes lene ke liye aur jhooth bhi kitni sfayi se bolti hae jbb ki log sbh kuch dekh rhe hae firr bhi, she is a big liar and fake person, dont ever vote for such fake person

        1. priya

          vicky ji show ko jra dhyan se dekhiye
          apko pta lag jayega kaun fake hai

          Hina is playing very well and she is very honest person.

      10. priya

        tere ko jyada pta hai


      11. Guri

        Ya Hena bakvas hai , kitna logo ka Dimaag khrab karti hai , she is such a big liar in this game,I hate to Hena khan face.

        1. Mudit

          Yes hena fake hai srf bed pe hi dikhati hai n usko captain q bnaya agr usko hi bnana ta to task na rakte tb to bat ti ab Bigg boss ne bola ta is week me koi captain Ni hoga fir q bnana vo b Hina ko

      12. sonu

        abe chutiya hina to nominate bhi to nahi hui hai
        hina best hai………sab lagta hai shipa ne jo hiten ke sath kya wo kya sahi tha

        1. Krishna

          Really… wake up shilpa and shilpa fans. Are u really playing these days. Completely lost your game after fight with Vikas. Not competitive always relying on sympathy words from salman. This is reality show, show you r worth of playing, don’t act being silent that you are genuine. This is not your ideal self. The one before vikas fight is ideal self.
          On other side Hina is being competitive from girls either good are bad. Participating genuinely in all tasks. Being ideal self from day1 no matter how many controversies flew by. Good going Hina. I want shilpa also to play and give competition to boys

    7. mansi

      Yes i love shilpa shinde. She is the best….. And deserving……. person i hate hina khan… Apne saath support cahiye ladko ki…. Fake hina…

      1. Shahzad

        Shilpa bas khana banane ayi hai or fans ke bharose baithi hai task khelna jaroori nhi samajhti . Hina is best paying girls.

        1. Vicky sandhu

          Waah ji hina ka best kya hae sirf dikhawa ya jitni sfayi se woh jhooth bolti hae ya jitni fake voh roti hae just to gain emotional votes, fans bno but andhe fan na bno, kya ho gya aap logo ki soch ko, aap log hina ko best bol bhi kaese skte ho hdh hae, you know i had been watching her show for so long and used to appericiate her but after seeing her diplomatic and fake personality i regret that once i used to like such fake person, like seriously how could you even compare fake hina with nice and soft hearted person like shilpa.. Just think twice before posting your openion it reflects ur thinking

      2. Dy

        Hina Khan fake or irritate hai I hate Hina Khan Kyunki wo apna Baat Ko Hi Sahi manta Hai Kisi Aur Ka Nahi Sunta Hai Aur Uska Hi Sahi Sochta hai Pehle Toh tik tha ab Uske Harkat ko dekh kar bilkul pasand nahi mera favourite toh koi nahi hai lekin ek baar Mujhe bolna hai Shilpa Shinde Jo natural beauty lagta hai Baki ladki makeup Ki Dukaan hai.

    8. rakhi

      benafsha is nominated for 3 week,if she go later is ok,but if hina go from the house this will the best,and later priyank also should go,the 3 people is not doing good game in the house.

    9. Prachi

      Real person is shilpa .. Hina has not at all like akshara ugly in and out

    10. Pankaj deshmukh

      Shilpa ji ko save kroo unke…bina big boss m maza hi ni rhega …vo bhut sahi khel rhi hai …baki sb toh …tv m ane k liy faltu ka ladai kr rhe h …bc😂😂😂😂

      1. Goyal

        Please Aggarwals Bhaiyo and bhaneo Vikas Gupta ji ko save karo Vikas ke bina majha nhi h bb 11 main plz vote to vikas

      1. Vicky sandhu

        Lo ji hina or sapna ka ek aur andha fan
        Toh love aur priyank ki line me ek aur add ho gya LoL
        Asking support for such persons you people are reflecting your mindset

        This is first time i ever watched shilpa ji on tv and her sobar nature, genuine personality and soft heart just won our heart superb person

        Hina is totaly fake from head to toe full dramebaaz and sapna is here to sleep and she talk so uncivilised.. Plz gyz think before you post

        1. is

          o jst shut upp……hina is suprb nd she wll win. …. shilpa s vry unhygienic…. she seems to b jst involved in cookng n nthng else … so it wll b better tht u jst keep ur mouth shut

        2. anu mahajan

          Hahahahah…………………Heena & Sapna lagta hai vk bhi inki tarah hai..

    11. Pradeep

      Bhai bilkul nahi shilpa ji ko hi vote h she is best contestent supna to bilkul jahil h because she is not educated wo shilpa ji se bol rahe the unke ukaad kya h pehle supna ko apne aukaad dekhne chaiye phir dusre ke baare me bolna chaiye and supna is not mently fit aur bhadkane wali sirf hina khan ye apne aapko bahut bade star samjhte h lekin ye sirf zero nil or bodem h 1,2 serial me kaam kya kar liya hina ne apne aap ko celebrety btate h subse pehle hina or supna ko nikalo…

      1. Shaan

        Hina is better playing in bb house. Vote for her as she deserves to be win

    12. amaan

      Shilpa aur bandagi kalra ki bimari ko nikalo dono besharm ek naught bhabhi dusri raat ka zalzala

    13. PRIYA


        1. Vicky sandhu

          Yes prblm is with your brain you people are sick and just suraat ko hi vote kroge hina koh vote de k apni prblm aap khud bta rhe ho bro and atleast soch toh lo k kaun se besis pe vote doge uss ghamandi fake aurat koh

      1. A.

        Silpa ko sirf salman ka support hai baki bakwas aurat hai silpa sindhe. Uska natak nhi chalega jyada din

    14. Rosy

      Bandagi or punish is show ke bilkul v layak nahi hai.. show karne aye hai ya show ko gf or bf banne aye hai?

    15. s.rahman

      Azz so..Hina Khan and Priyank na luv ki jat Kia…Bhut he bura lga muja…Bhi …Hina fake a too prove hogya

    16. Subhash kumar

      Heena khan is fek girl faltu lgti h acting is jyst like a jabrdasti reaction…….

    17. raj

      बिग् बॉस ग्यारह में इस बार वोटिंग VOOT.COM पे हो रही है..

    18. Kalpesh kamble

      Vote for Shilpa we love u Shilpa………… Shilpa Shilpa plzz Plzzz Plzzz vote for Shilpa 😊😊😊😊😊

    19. Zoya Khan

      Hina is tha best. Us ko winner banna chahiye. Hina bahot acha game khel rahin hain. Logon ki tarha ganda game to nai khailti jaise Vikas khailtey hain….

      1. raj

        Uski bhesh ka pata nahi, par tere ghar bhesh jarur bandhi hai heena ne jo tu licchhad heena ki chaat raha hai

      1. Vicky sandhu

        I think ur brain need a kick to start working properly u brainless creatures, leave apart arshi she is fake person i agree but how could u say something like this about shilpa shinde she is the only genuine and humanitarian person in the show, and bigg boss many regards and lots of pyar to shilpa ji, u r superb shilpa ji hope u win the show and put fullstop on haters, lekin haerani hoti hae k ekk insan k liye doosra insaan pehchaana kitna mushkil hae k yeh bhi dikhta kya sahi kya gallat..

          1. Vicky sandhu

            Abbe mujhe toh aapki soch fake lagg rhi hae aur toh pta nhi

      2. Mohd anwar

        Arshi shilpa out hogyi to bigg boss fuss ho jyega.wahi log to bigg boss ki aan shan jaan hai.aur to sub bekar hai

      1. Vicky sandhu

        Arre bhai tuje shilpa maen fake kya lga, i hope zindagi maen tune sahi gallat bnda pehchanne maen bohat galtiya ki hongi
        Aap logo ko hina fake nhi lgti uske rone pe toh annso bhi nhi behte orr sabhi ka dimag muthi maen band kr k rakha hae khaas torr pe priyank aur baelbudhi love ka, atleast shilpa ko toh bolne se pehle socho kya bol rhe ho, wahi ek genuine person hae ghar maen, superb person itna hone pe bhi khud arshi ko samjati hae, sabhi ko khana bhi khilati hae, kabhi gallat nhi bolti, so soft hearted, akash k rude behaviour k baad bhi kabhi usne aggressive reaction nhi diya orr woh hina toh sbko apne baap ka naukar samjti hae, fake roti hae hina votes lene k liye apne andhe fans ki, jhooth bolti hae cameras hone k baad bhi, you remembered when she putt make up on love forehead and lied that she hasnt done anything, secondly court maen bhi jhooth boli k usne love ko arahi ke blouse k barre maen kuj nhi kha and epitome of drama when she shouted at shilpa for that egg and shed crocodile tears what she think that shilpa is her servent and hina ke apne haath nhi hae rone ki bjaye bna leti anda

        Aap log hina jaese logo ki side leke apni metality dikha rhe ho

        1. Nancy

          Vicky u r supporting shilpa shinde its very good. But u r saying that hina khan is fake lady on the basis of conted four five reasons . Do u really think if u are playing a game countinuesly under the camera 24/7 u will do nothing wrong .u just think urself. I respect shilpa shinde but i love hina khan the way she deals with the situation. As from the starting every house mates tried very uard to broke down hina khan still she is tough compitator for all housemates . And the last i could also mention some silly mistkes of ur favorite constant but i think u know that better but u r just trying to pretends that ur fav constant is ( dhdh ka dhulla h)

    1. M S Raza

      Shilpa or innocent hahahaha bo patthar dil ort he bo loga ko reyal me use krti h or lat mar deti h koi bata sakta h shilpa ka schcha dost kon h big boss me koi Nahi samjhe sabko lat Marti h bo ort sabko

  91. Mayank tiwari

    I support my favourite dancer sapna ….and i am big fan of sapna

  92. Pooja

    Shilpa is very sweet and Heena khan director ki chamchi . Shame on housemates for targeting a girl(Shilpa). Because they have to do bittering of The Vikas

    1. Vicky sandhu

      U r right, shilpa is really very nice person and she has damn soft heart, bohat achhi bndi hae yaar, agar sirf bullshitt dekhna hae toh kisi ko bhi save kro
      Lekin agar insaniyaat k natte dekhen toh shilpa shinde ek bohat achhi insaan hae
      Thump up to such sweet soft hearted person
      Guyz plz safe her atleast she is not fake like other persons

    2. Vicky sandhu

      Seriously pooja shame on these people they dont have humanity, they could do anything to catch footage and win the show and big shame on priyank, what kind of person is he?, jo bnda apne aap ko nhi control kr skta usko show se bahar hi rehna chahiye or aap thekhna end maen jeet ache insaan ki hi hogi shilpa will win, big boss producers know that ek achi insaan jeete gi toh show ki tareef hi hogi or ek acha bond bnega loge ke mn maen show k saath or itne ingenuine big boss valle bhi nhi k shilpa jaese sweet and good bndi ko na jitvaye…
      Hope for good and my lots of respect for shilpa ji
      I have never seen a person sacrificing his point just for the sake of other or abhi bhi agar hindustan k logo ko shilpa ki genuineness na dikhe or fake logo k beauty hi dikhi toh fir toh sach maen hmm logo ki soch bohat kamjoor or vahiyaat ho chuki
      Lekin thanks to u for posting comment against such rude behaviour by housrmates against shilpa ji..

    3. aparna pandey

      Yes your right hina Khan Ji aap sbko tameez sikhti h aap KB sikhegi luv aur priyank ko lekar game khelti h yes hina khan aap bahut fake h show mai rhkar acting krti h apka jb bf aya tha aur aap royi thi vo bhi fake tha mun ni lgta to aap chli jati national TV par fake hi dikhti h lgta hi ni h koi realty show kr rhi h tameez sikho vrna bigg boss s niklo shilpa shinde jaisi sath jnmo mai bhi ni bn skti shilpa aap winner ho I luv you shilpa shinde hina khan aap acha khelo vrna bahar nikl jao shilpa aap bahut pyari ho aap best ho guyz pll shilpa shinde ko vote kro winner bne layak h

  93. Pooja

    Heena khan ghamandi ladki. Vikas ki chamchi. Once I was her fan but she is very proudy and spineless lady she is agains a lady just because that Shilpa is against a powerful man The Vikas. Heena khan 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    1. aayush

      Shut up bevkuf aaurat kuch bhi MT bol hina ke bare main she is amazing fantastic epic😍😍 you were 3class

      1. Ankit

        Hina khan spine less h or powerful log k pixe hi bhagti h or tm jaise log ki vjh se aise log or jada badhte h… this time every told the same salman khan said the same. and Gauhar Khan also said to hina the same. kux bhi mt bolo.

      2. Vicky sandhu

        U people are blind, internal beauty does not matter to u, u can only see external beauty, how could u compare a fake person like hina khan with sweet person like shilpa, u people are blind by ur sole so shocking andhvishwas suna tha andhfan bhi hote haen, but i respect everybody opinion prr kabhi shakl shor k dill bhi toh dekhlo insaan ka, maen ajj tk shilpa ki ekk bhi galaat cheez nhi dekhi, most geniune person bigg boss ever

    2. ab

      Hinae ek ghamandi aurat hai isliye wo chamchi nahi hai pata nahi kis Angel se show dekh th hai she is not vikas friend because WO fake hai jhada aurat aurat mat karo things are right or wrong shilpa k aurat hone se WO sahi nahi hoja ti vikas is the best

    1. Ankit

      Na bhai itna bhi kya jaldi h. abhi to aadhi asliyat aai h ghandi ki or spineless ki.. wait bro thoda sa or aa jane do. career pe ache se watt lag jane do.

  94. Shah Rukh Khan

    Jubair bhai ko save kariye please aap sab so gujarish hai best of luck jubair bhai

  95. Hitesh Rajput

    Shilpa shinde ko save kro bcs innocent girl yr sab uss vikas k suport m h jab ki wo apni power p ghamnd kr rhe h but ye unki gltfemi h agr ghmnd krna ho to shilpa bi kr skti h unki fan following kam nhi h but wo esa kuch nhi kr rhi h or wo sab milke inhe pgl sabit krne p lge huye but shilpa aap shi khel rhi ho agr ye aapko pgl smjh rhe h to pgl hi bnke dikhaao inhe nd best of luck shilpa g aap glt nhi ho aacha khel rhe हो continue

  96. Priyanka

    Shilpa is the best.shilpa is just too good.bang bang for shilpa

  97. Rahul

    Pls Don’t expell Priyank…. his body was in action… his thoughts were clear…. 🙁


    Zubair ko nikal dena chahiye sir…..kyu k wo jis leunguege me baat karta he wo sahi nai he….sapna ji ke sath jo kiya wo galat tha bilkul galat tha sir….ese logo ko chappal se mar kar nikal na chahiye…sala aurat ko dhmka raha tha aur aukat ki bate kar raha he..aur jo chilla ke bat ki…..this iz wrong….

    aur shilpa ji ko tamizz nai he bat karne ki kisi ke sath….aur Arshi ji ko bhi bolne ki tmizz nai he bilkul bhi wo ese bar bar Gay nai bol sakti kisi ko…..vikas sir bolte he ke Gay gali nai he lekin me samjta hu ye nai he sahiii….aur jo heena ji ko gali boli….O my god …..this grl izz very idiot…

    ghr me koi jhagadta he to koi bhi solve us topic ko nai kr pata…aur sab log khud ki side le lete he….

    thzz sesion izz very dngereess…..

  99. Mohd Talib

    arshi is the best kiu ki vo jo karte hai muh pe karte hai hina khan ki tarhe nahi peth peche

  100. Mohd Talib

    arshi is the best kiu ki vo jo karte hai muh pe karte hai hina khan ki tarhe nahi peth peche

    vote for arshi

    1. Sabana

      muh pe karti hai lekin behoodgi dikhati hai ladki hai to arshi best hai… wat a joke….bullshit…..

    1. Pooja kanse

      Shilpa is best …hina ek num ki galat hai…uske wajhse ghar main jhagde hote hai

    1. Sana

      Salman sir priyank ko mat nikalo plz plz hamri bat manlo ham bigg boss priyank sharma ke mare dekhte he plz salman sir me apki bhut badi fan ho

  101. Feriha

    Plzzz priyank ko bigg boss se mat nikalo …plzzzz…usne kuch nhi kiya ….arshi ne bhi to heena ko Dhakka di thi usko kyu nhi nikalre…..plzzz plzzz plzz bigg boss priyank ko mat nikalo plzzz….plzzz

  102. Hina fan

    Arshi Ko ghar ka bahar Nikal Dena chahiya.chudal,nautankihina ka picha padi ha Hina Khan ka. Hina is the can people vote to Arshi 😰😰😰😰

    1. dbd

      itni to fake hai heena saf to dikhta hai uske face pe ajeeb ajeeb se face exprtn bnati hai dusro ko galat samjhti hai or apne aap ko sahi smjhti hai fotej k bookhi hai jan buj k ghatiya bate karti hai aapne aap k tej samjhti hai camera k age bna rhna chahti hai taki ghar se bhar na nikal jau

    2. Elle

      Hina is the best because if her there is fun in the show I just like her shilpa is fake . I just hate shilpa . Please vote for hina khan she deserves to win

  103. Kimberly

    Priyanka sharma shld not too if he goes we will not watch big boss he toh didn’t got hurt also that stupid akash its not fair akash is just over acting even I saw that video 4times I know he pushed but it was not so hard that akash will go to hospital plss don’t remove priyank he is not worth to go out of big boss house like that toh many ppl broke the rules small or big rules doesn’t matter rules are rules if u are removing priyanka uh shld remove the other contest who broke rules what uh called as small rules . support priyanka guys every one shld get a second Chance and he accept also he did it

    1. Vicky sandhu

      Yaar i agree priyank is smart, but a person who could not control his anger on national tv and who could not even use his brain, how could u expect him to b on tv, a person out of hus sense equals an animal, so plz let the bigg boss decide vaese bhi vo vapis aa gya hae, abhi bhi dekhlovo salla pagal hae kya shilpa shinde ke uppar bharak rha hae orr jo vo vikas hae jiska drama saaf dikhta hae uska chamcha bn kr uski naukri kr rha kyu k pta hae na bahar vikas kaam dega shilpa jaesi achi insaan k lyi bhi agar aap log or apka pyara priyank aesa behaviour rkhte ho to shame on u, in punjabi we say “durr fitte mooh” in hindi it is “lakh lahnat hae…

  104. Feriha

    Salman Sir aapne bht galat kiya priyank ko nikal k …uske a akash ko push karne se akash ko koi deep injury to nhi hui na …jo aapne ne priyank ko nikal diya ….rule to sab ne maximum sabne tode h ..fir priyank ko hi kyu nikala …it is wrong Sir …… akash ko kuch zyada choti lagi .. .na ghagde itna bada hua ….isse bhi bade bade ghagde ho chuke h Sir …to understand logo ko kyu nhi nikala ….I’m disappointed …jin logo ne rules tode unko ghrme rakha h …of priyank ko nikal diye …..

  105. Khushi Raj

    Why priyank Sharma is eliminated from big boss house
    You not eliminated priyank you should eliminated vikas
    Hit you big boss

  106. Chinmaya Pradhan

    Please bring back Priyank ….He is a very good guy…i watch the show only for priyank and heena

  107. Afreed sheikh

    Shilpa ko vote karo plzl
    Hina (vikas ki chamchi) ko bahar nikaalo

  108. Tej samra

    Arshi khan got 707 votes and zubair khan got 1038 votes. Then how bigg boss evicuated zubair khan. I got this list from biggboss website. If this is true then why this happen with zubair why not with arshi

  109. Feriha

    Salman Sir plzz plz plzz priyank ko wapas bigg boss me entry do …plzzz

      1. safiyaz shafi

        Salman sir meri choti bahen shaheen aapki bahut bdi fan hai . Wo jb 5 mein padti thi tbse aapki fan hai.

        Mein apko aane wale birthday k lye uski trf se wish krti hu happppy birthday salman ji.

        Uska nam bol dna show pr q ki aapki wajh se wo dkti hai ye show. Thank you

  110. Feriha

    Sir plzz priyank ko wapas entry do ..Sir …salman Sir …plzzz plzzz

  111. saurabh singh

    yar hina khana ko bahar karo .keo ki change hone ke xport hai.o sab payare payare bat kar apna kam nikal rahi hai.

    1. anil kumar

      u r right hina khan is best she palying very well now only she is safe and other seven are nominated thanks bigg boss

  112. Anu sharma

    Hena ap bhut acha hooo……. acha
    khale re hook apppp
    or shilpa bhut kharab hai plz big boss house baher karo unko
    I love u salman sir

    1. Golden mirza Ali madad

      Hina khan ap bahut acha khelrahe hain aap big boss Season 11 ke winner deserve karthe ho aap bahar jake aap row milna zaroor he is waiting with trophy hina good luck inshallaha

  113. shivam Dhuriya

    plzz big boss Ji Hina Di ko save kr do aur priyank bhaiya ko vapas bula lo plzz I love u priyank bhaiya and hina Di plzzzzzzzzzzzzz priyank bhaiya ko vapas bola lo

  114. mohammad

    I support shilpa becoz is is honest nd kick out hena nd vidas becoz they are so rude nd attitude person

    1. Vicky sandhu

      Acha ji orr best kya hae uss ghamandi, jhoothi, fake and dramebaaz aurat maen

  115. Gaurav Bhardwaj

    Hina khan is totally fake ,,she Shaw his superiority and she thinks she is true everytime and other are wrong …

  116. Mukesh Choudhary

    I support my favorite sapna chaudhary.
    Because I am also chaudhary and support haryanvi also.

  117. shid

    Shilpa shinde ko bahr karo entertain krne ke bazay vikash se faltu bhid rhi hai ab big boss dekhne layk nhi rha shilpa ki wazeh se priyank ko waps lawo Boss

  118. Feriha

    Shipla ko nikal do …bht irritate kar rahi h vikas ko …pata nhi konsi dush mani nikal rahI h……or plz plz plz priyank ko wapas entry do plzzzzzz

    1. shid

      Shilpa shinde Dushmni nhi nikal rhi reveng lene ki koshish kr rhi hai kyo ki uske ghamndi swabhaw ke chalte vikas ne ushe &Tv ke femous show Bhabhi ji ghar pr hai ,usse nikal diya tha aur tbse nalli ghum rhi hai koi kam nhi mila to vikas ko target kr ke show ki winner banna chahti hai jiske chalte kafi over react kr chuki hai .& tnks to u apko bhi wahi dikha jo hme dikh rha h but baki pta ni kyo usko inocent man rhe hai.

  119. Niharika

    Kick out three people in the bb house 1. Is Shilpa shinde 2. Is arshi Khan and third one is puneesh Sharma. This three creates nusiance in the house and Shilpa play like a victimized person in the house. She creates situation in front of vikas just because see herself on the camera. Puneesh just jumped in between two people argument . He is even not take stand on right things and not seen in camera. Not need of him in bb house. Any other contstant is likely to be in the place of puneesh .waise bhi usko paise ki kami thori h ushe fame chaiye Tha wo mil gya. Now I think he is out of the house right know. Useless contastant puneesh sharma and Shilpa shinde Jo hamesha vikas ko irritate karti Hai aur kuch kar bhi nhi sakti. Jiske wajah se log Shilpa ko jante Tha as a Bhabhi ji ushi show ke head ko insult kr rahi Hai fake Shilpa.

  120. vijay

    Neck out sapna choudary
    She thinks that biggboss is her own house
    How she growing in personal life god knows
    Dnt do blame to haryana

  121. Feriha

    Vote for heena …sapna ..vikas ..and salman Sir priyank kb ayega …

  122. Feriha

    Heena or sapna ko save karo …or priyank ko wapas ghr me entry do plzzzzz

  123. Feriha

    Safe heena…I’m waiting …priyank ko kb entry milegi bb11 ki house me

  124. Abc

    Question for hina
    You are such a pretentious woman. You use vulgar language like ‘chu’ For Vikas or call him names and then talk about mannerism.
    Get off the high horse, mend ways else you are in very poor light. Pathetic.

  125. Tetun khamen

    Please Hina ko baizzat ghar se nikalo, Her voice is irritating, the way she talks reminds me of stubborn spoiled stupid child. No votes from me.

  126. Feriha

    Salman Sir …net pe to confirm batare priyank ki re – entry hogi …
    Kb hogi Sir priyank ki re-entry ????😟😟😟

  127. Jaykumar Shinde

    Hina khan ka attitude jyada ho gaya hai aab . Use lagta hai ki vo jyada powerfull hai usko aab nikalna padega .Bohot jaldi पलट jati hai vo . Use nikalo yar bohot jyada attitude hai yaro .i like vikas . Vo aacha hai maan ka .

  128. shid

    Plz Boss ab hina ko na nikalo Bas ak kaam karo priyank ko padoshi ni ghar me directly entry do phir mazza ayega jb bazegi hina ki band sali Be pendi ki loti ladko ko manueplat kr ke ghar me save Baithi hai & Big boss me maza tab aayega jb hina bahr ho jayegi show se & vikash is Brillient player Bhot maind hai bande ke pass suparbb vikash gud going keep it up

  129. Rachna

    Save hina ,vikash and jyoti.jyoti beacouse she is vry good and ideal girl.

    1. Rachna

      Salman sir mere hisab s to Hina ,vikash aur jyoti save hona chahye.jyoti beacouse she is good and ideal girl.aur wo apne hisab s thik chal plz save jyoti.hina and vikash

  130. Baigs

    Shilpa shine is sweet contestant in whole bigg boss 13 i hope shilpa is win this 11 season best of luck baby my every time vote for shilpa shilpa shilpa shilpa

  131. Feriha

    Salman Sir …priyank kI entry bb11 me kb hogi …becoz net pe news h ki priyank ko ek secret room me rakha h …agar job net pr batare woh sach h to priyank kb ayega ,??

    1. Imran shaikh

      Arshi Khan app jab baat kartay how app ko samaj hai app Kya boltay how app nay Kya bola app ghar May nakaab May rahitay how our bigbos May Kya kapdaa daltay how Arshi Khan app pls next time souch kar baat karna

  132. Mayank

    Priyank ko vapas big boss k ghr m lao sapna ko bhar nikalo uske fan wait kr rhe h ki vo kab dance kregi ye show vagera uske baski baat ni h

  133. VISHAL TYAGI Faridabad

    sabhi Bhai
    LuV Tyagi ko VOTE karo


  134. Shahbaz Bankapur

    Hina khan will win this show 100 peasant sure you people say anything about her but hina khan is winner home mates is against him but Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaam Hina Khan ke Saath hai.

  135. Shahbaz Bankapur

    Hina khan will win this show 100 peasant sure you people say anything about her but hina khan is winner home mates is against him but Awwwwwaaaaaaaammmmmm Hina Khan ke Saath hai. best of luck Hina Khan

    1. dbd

      bhai is show me ache log jitate hai fake log nahi heena ka drama jada din nahi chalega

  136. Aryan

    Sapna choudhry ko save kro
    She is finallist contestants
    Becuse she very strog in Bigg boss house

    1. dbd

      kha se best lagti hai aapko totaly fake hai saf dukhta hai uske face exprtn se

  137. Javed siddique

    Hina khan your are playing outstanding …….we are alwaysss wid you for supporting

  138. Rajat Dubey

    Ohh apne luv tyagi ko save kro apna UP wala bhai and usko abhi bht kuch krna hai bigg boss 13 mein and usme dam hai guys please save him…

    1. Sandeep

      Hina spna ko bhar nikalo apne aap ko pta ni kya samjh rhe hai dono attitude dekha rhe h nikalo inko ok pls

  139. swati dash

    Hina ,d beautiful, most powerful I always support Hina j….god blesss her…..

  140. swati dash

    Hina u done very well,apko bahat bhala bura kahenge..u nt fake..n u the leader..

  141. Feriha

    Hina ko nikal do …bht ghamandi h …khudko kya mlm kya samjhti h….aaj ka episode dekhne k bad samjh gayi sab badi ghamandi h hina ….

    1. Silk P

      Have u seen sapna’s & arshi’s language. When they starts abusing how much low level of fight they does,, so don’t vote for them.

  142. Arun

    All r bad and nonsense contestant only hiten has big hummer and innocent . he don’t use dirty language in the show

  143. Sandeep

    Hina spna ko bhar karo frnd kiyoki spna k baski kuch karna h ni aur hona attitude bhut hai spna bolti hai mere sar par pani maro me hat jaungi game khal rhe h nachaniya

  144. Javed siddique

    Hina and shilpa are most real and strong person in bigg boss house ….both of going outstanding

  145. Tosif siddique

    Mr. Akash pls do work . Ok you are best entertainer in bigg boss house. Keep it up . Hm sbhi ki dua bhi apke sath ghr me kaam krte rho.
    Tosif siddiqui
    [email protected]

    1. Ajay

      Kal night m kya kya kha punish ne hina K samne,,,,, sapna K bare m,,,,,,, Yhi soch h Uski kisi girls K bare m,,,,, very bad,,,,,, bhut choti soch h Uski
      Vote for sapna,,,,,,
      Punish jese ladke ko Sbb ptta chl jayega phie
      Save krro sapna ko

  146. Gaurav Singh

    I should want to save Shilpa Shinde because she is honest & hard working girl.
    Good luck bhabi ji!

  147. Pooja

    Shilpa z best performer..very fair.sesitive, she playing well… plzz save for her…

  148. Pooja

    Shilpa z best performer..very fair.sesitive, she z
    playing well… plzz save for her…

  149. Angel rana

    sapna bahut hi jyada ghatiya h pta ni khud ne kya kya kaand kiyr h dusre ko commemt krri pune pune saali chhhiii bhai koi achha sharif aise personal jata na to smjh aata

  150. Angel rana

    khud private party m nacchti h yr chhhiii aisa kaise bol skti h vo lakho logo ne dekhe hue h usk kaand phr bhi sharif kaise bn skta h koi sharm kr tu sapna chhhhiiii

  151. Najma

    Save love tyagi he is the best..he wanted to do some in the show so plz save him…

    1. Sandeep

      Abe bigg boss kaha kaha se lekar a rhe ho inko pooja sali isko bhar nikalo sala kitna attitude hai sali me

  152. Angel rana

    saali bigg boss m criminal ko bhi miltih kya jagah kmini criminal h sapna us ladki ko bhi isne hi mrvaya h saali ne arshi ko kyabol ri k pta bhi ni lgega kha gyi kaha nhi yr cchhhii sapna jaise feku bhi h yaha

  153. heena

    heena aap bohot achhi ho………….or beautiful bhi aap achha khel rhi ho………………………….or aap apne dil ki suno.

    1. Priya

      Jo sapna ko bura bolte hai pehle vo apne man ki gandgi ko saaf karain….
      Love you sapna….My support is with you….
      Vote for Sapne

  154. khalil pinjari

    yes….aakash is a real man…………yo……aakash ji…..excellent playing …without you show not entertaining

  155. Javed siddique

    Really hina your really deserving blockbaster tittle …… u sooooooo much.. And😘😘

  156. Rupinder

    Show is interesting ( in order of popularity ) because of Hina, Shilpa, Sapna, Vikas , Akash,Arshi, Hiten, Luv , Priyank and Puneesh

  157. kml

    Sapna Ko lagta hai ladai krne se hi publicity milegi ,………Arshi,Akash I best

  158. kml

    Vikas Hina fake hai inko bahr nikalo……,,,,,,,,,jyoty ,Ben sirf Vikas ki chmchi hai….
    ..padosio ki es ghar me koi jrurat this hi nhi

  159. kml

    Arshi Ur very sw#$%….
    ..Akash Ur real entertainer……………………….. Shilpa Ur very cute

  160. kml

    Heena ne pooja ka majak kyu Udaya pooja ne to kuch kiya v nhi tha,,,,sirf camera ke samne aane k liye

  161. Feriha

    I really hate heena khan…..pahle mai use achii samjhti thi bt..jbse bigg boss me ayi h tb se pata chala h kaisi insaan h woh…..ghamandi kaha ki…hr kisi se problem h use … to chahiye hi use ..becoz without support woh to rah hi nhi sakti

  162. Maizu

    Pls Shilpa mujhe bohot pasand hi vikas idher ki batee idher udhar bolke jhada rakta hi so plzzzzzzzzz save Karo Shilpa ko

  163. Neeta

    I hate Hina really she nt deserving bigg boss ,plz vote for Shilpa shinde she is honest and she is deserve bigg boss plz plz save Shilpa shinde

  164. Chinmaya Pradhan

    Please save priyank ….He is really good with heart and u can watch it in all the two reality show he has done..

  165. Javed siddique

    Hina khan your literally mindblowing…….and we are always wid u… vote only for hina

  166. Mona

    I really hate shilpa and Hina Khan,apne aap ko samajhti kya hai.hina Khan ek ghamandi aur fake insaan hai.apne aap ko queen samajhti hai aur sapka support letter h.ab uska asli face dikh raha h ki wo real me kis type ki insaan h.really Hina Khan bht badmaash aur ghamandi h, support tho letter hi h.hina Khan waisebhi hamesha safe ho jayegi uske fans jo h.usne vikash Gupta ko galat bola h I hate Hina and shilpa .and vikash Gupta is best.i hate ghamandi fake Hina Khan.

  167. rekha lohiya

    plzzz friend vote for……hina khan……… kyoki hina khan ko bade or chhote se kese bat karte hai use pta hai ase logo ko hi show m rena chahiye plz friend sport and vote hina khan ….love u so much hina khan …….

  168. Javed siddique

    Koi kuch bhi bole hina ……..aap react mt kiya karo..plsssss……..jinka standard koi nhi smjh skta actually me unka khud ka koi standard nhi hota ..aap or shilpa…. Dono ke siwa koi bhi nhi he jo ye show jitne ke layak ho……..all the best hina and shilpa….😘……and last one is i hate vikas gupta…….

  169. Akshay Raman giri

    Bandhgi is my feavreat contistant i am always support for a bandagi

  170. menka

    plz save shilpa and arsi ko sirf drama krne aata h islo to nikle feko or dinchak pooja ko bhi bhut gamand h usko

  171. Feriha

    I really really hate hina khan……woh bht bht bht ghamandi h …..sab log galat h uski nazar me or woh khud jaise insaf ki rani ho😏😏😏😏😏…..badi ayi …khudki image kya h usne dikha di

  172. Annii yadav

    Vikash Gupta kya h.. I hate him vikash Gupta ko nikalo.. Or hina khan ko bhi koi k sge ni h hina khan or vikash Gupta.. Save plzz shilpa

  173. rahul

    shilpa shinde is all the best…already winner…koi nhi takkar me …..

  174. Jaymin

    Agar bigg boss me sabse accha koi hai to woh shilpa hai woh kabhi kisiki or logo ki tarah burai nahi karti.heena sabse bekar hai uska jitna naam hai utni hi bekar hai

  175. salman khan

    Save shilpa and hina .. shilpa is super contestant of bigg boss house ..hope she wins this season

  176. Mona

    I really hate Hina .bht badtameez insaan h .Hina Khan ko kuch ni aata . Ek no. Ki selfish h apne mtlab ke liye dosti krti h fir chor deti h.selfish ,lier,cheater,ghamandi ,jhagralu sab kuch hai Hina Khan ,fake ,baddimag.nonsense, irritated.overacting ,rondu yahi sab quality h Hina Khan ka.kya quality h ek bhi acha ni.really hate u Hina khan.and vikash Gupta is best

  177. namreet sunami

    arshi khan my fvrt nd hiten sir v Acha khele hai ye.. nd I don’t like shilpa bhut joothi hai wo.. bina baat ke baat bna leti hai nd bandgi kya krti ahsqi ke elaba kuj nhi atta use.. use nikalo app…

  178. Javed siddique

    Hinaa khan …….hmari khtron ki khiladi hi ye show jitengi……your always right hinaa….your fabulous …outstanding..mindblowing..,beutifull player..and soooooooo onn……..aap blockbaster thi ,he or rahogi…..and shilpa also….both of are amazing…..and vikas gupta is really dont know how his chip,,,worst and soo worst performer ….

  179. GauraV

    Yeah… Hina ur doing well… U looks so beautiful… U will definitely win da showbb11…

    1. Vicky sandhu

      Just bcz hina is beautiful it means she will win the show
      Ahh plz dont show ur mentality u desperate people
      Arre aap logo k liye bnde ki sirrat bhi mayine rkhthi hae kya ya sirf surrat ke bhukhe ho

      Aap log hina jaesi ghamandi, fake, jhoothi, dramebaaz aurat ke support ke liye bol bhi kaese skte ho

      The only genuine and kind person in the house is shilpa, she is so nice and soft hearted
      And you know what she will definitely win the show bcz biggboss team is not blind they know who should win and whom people like most and who is true person
      Full support for shilpa shinde

  180. Mona

    Hina is fake.nonsense , irritated,ghamandi , jhagralu aurat kabhi ye show nahi jitegi.hina diserve Ni krti.fakehina Khan ka B’s ek hi kaam dusron ka majak urana aata h .wo ghamandi,fake aur jhagralu this hai aur hamesha rahegi.insaan ki fidrat Ni badalti.nonsense Hina. And vikash Gupta is best and wahi ye show jitega.he diserve the trophy.mindblowing vikash Gupta.u r samajhti h Hina achi h I think wo wrong h.good vikash Gupta.

  181. Javed siddique

    East and west hina is best… u sooo much ……pura india aapka diwana he reallyy yr … Mindblowing……and aaj ka episode dekh kar ab to vikas par tars aane lga he….. Darpok kahi ka bhag rha he …hahaha…..hina or shilpa jese strong competitors sach me har chiz se ladte he……..vikas gupta ki kyaa halat kardi he ….hahahahahahahahaha

  182. maddy

    Heena ko jaise khatron k khiladii me finale me pahuchaya song sunn kr…shayad Salman n biggboss bhi pahucha de. Qki Heena aise show off krti h jaise relative ho bigboss uska. Hamesha bolti h…main bolti hu Salman se…main bolti hu bigboss se

  183. Feriha

    Hina sabse badi Darpok h ..use support ki zarurat h isliye hiten priyank or akash ko apni Tarf kar liya h ….Hina bht ghamandi h ….bina support k woh age badh hi nhi sakti….dogli kahi ki….khud ne jb chori ki tb use kuch nhi or jb dusro ka time ata h tb kuch bhi bakwas karti h …..or priyank bhi hina pagal ka hi sath deta h ….priyank yaad rakhna woh sirf tumhara support chahti h show me age Jane k liye…agar tum nikal bhi gaye na to bhi tumko yaad tk nhi karegi ….ghamandi hina

  184. Mona

    Hina khan hi darpok , ghamandi h…..uske alawa koi h hi ni uske trah. Vikash Gupta best Tha h aur rahega .Hina ka tho much hi bngya Tha jab vikash jita tha.hhhhaaaaaa. pagal Hina Khan. Puri duniya dekh rahi h pagal Hina ka real face. Kisi ka respect krne use bahi aataa fake Hina ko.and vikash……..u r superb bht acha khel rAhe ho,mind blowing.vikash ki tarah koi show vikash Gupta. Hi jiyeha.nonsense Hina ka face bn jayega.pagal Hina khan…….lol……..

  185. Javed siddique

    Hina khan jab aapko blockbaster possition par rkha tha tab vikas gupta ka muh dekhne layak tha ….hahahahaha bichare ki to izzat hi khrab kardi salman bhai ne ……use lga use blockbaster possition par rkhenge but…blockbaster to bahotttttttt dur ki baat use to HIT possition bhi nhi mili…….hahahahahaha bichara………sahi baat he yr jo deserve krta he use hi milega …ase aero gero ko thodina ..itni bdi possition de of luck hina

  186. Aman

    plz shipla ji ko save kro, hina khan kya kr rahi hai shilpa ji ko friend bol k friendship nibha b ni rahi, ek pal me task chood k chali gyi jab yeh pta chala k shipla ji ne sara paisa akash ko de diya, jb paise mil gye to km start kiya, jb khud kaam kr rahi thi baki sb paise count kr rahi thi to boli guys task complete kro kya paisa paisa lga rkha hai, itna gussa aa raha hina khan par,
    Aur vikas gupta ko apni haar bardash ni hoti rone lg gye becoz ego heart huyi, vikas gupta sach me nagin hai, Hmesha apne dushman ko target krta hai, har dushman ko, Shipla ji sirf Gupta ji ko target hai, bakio se kuch ni bolti, but vikas sb ko target krta, itna ganda insan ajj tk ni dekha

  187. Aman

    plz vote for, Shipla, Akash and Arshi,plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,,,, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,,,,,plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  188. bini

    achha hua hina ko blockbuster rakha…she will keep repeating her mistakes thinking she is right n she is god n she is the biggest celebrity ever born on this planet…..and will get nothing but hatred when she comes out of the house…she will know her actual position then….cheap hina

  189. bini

    i mean i have never seen such a ghamandi ever…what does she think herself…khotron ke khiladi nahin jeeti…we should thank bhagban ji for that…itni innocent bani firti thi..kitna acting hina khan..sari focus uspe thi kkk me..phir bhi roti thi wahan ki usse gana gana padta tha…u cheap…

  190. bini

    think if someone tortures you for 10 min ..what will you do…i mean some one like a mosquito or house fly keeps irritating you continuously…that is what shilpa is doing..her face is cute..thats y every one thinks she is innocent..just think even leading actreesses dont get work after a hit serial…such is competition..every one is searching fresh face…if shilpa is not getting work how the hell is thats vikass fault…how did she manage to get that item no she recently danced to then…its easy to blame someone for your own failure…shilpa even had quit chidiyaghar serial earlier…now talking..ghatiya

  191. Mona

    Pagal ho gai h sab Hina ki trah ,jo Hina ko support kr rAhe h .hhhhaaaaaahhh unko ye baat brdast hi ni ho raha ki Hina Khan aur shipa sinde dono hi pagal hai.jaise ben,aakash etc aur Jo support kr rAhe h, because Hina ko tho support hi chahiye Priyank ka hiten ka love ka Kyu ki unse help liye Bina tho aage badhegi hi ni Hina and shilpa seetho hoga Ni kuch .fake Hina Khan and shilpa sinde is mentally Disturbed.wo tho Puri pagal Hai .itni pagal insaan tho kbhi kisine dekha hi ni hoga aur agar pagal insaan ko dekhna h tho please aaplog big boss me jarur dekhe …haahhhh.hina ,shilpa dono hi pagal h Priyank ne sahi bola shilpa jaise pgal tho koi dekha hi ni hoga.apni asli face Hina Khan and shilpa sinde ne dikha di isseye pta chalta h serial me sirf acting hi h real me tho koi quality h hi ni .na hi Hina Khan ko nahi shilpa sinde. And vikash Gupta is the best.u r mind blowing koi kuch vhi bole I don’t care logon ka kaam h khena bolte rehenge. Hina ki trah hhaaahhhhh.

  192. Mona

    Pagal ho gai h sab Hina ki trah ,jo Hina ko support kr rAhe h .hhhhaaaaaahhh unko ye baat brdast hi ni ho raha ki Hina Khan aur shipa sinde dono hi pagal hai.jaise ben,aakash etc aur Jo support kr rAhe h, because Hina ko tho support hi chahiye Priyank ka hiten ka love ka Kyu ki unse help liye Bina tho aage badhegi hi ni Hina and shilpa seetho hoga Ni kuch .fake Hina Khan and shilpa sinde is mentally Disturbed.wo tho Puri pagal Hai .itni pagal insaan tho kbhi kisine dekha hi ni hoga aur agar pagal insaan ko dekhna h tho please aaplog big boss me jarur dekhe …haahhhh.hina ,shilpa dono hi pagal h Priyank ne sahi bola shilpa jaise pgal tho koi dekha hi ni hoga.apni asli face Hina Khan and shilpa sinde ne dikha di isseye pta chalta h serial me sirf acting hi h real me tho koi quality h hi ni .na hi Hina Khan ko nahi shilpa sinde. And vikash Gupta is the best,kuch vhi bole I don’t care logon ka kaam h khena bolte rehenge. Hina ki trah hhaaahhhhh.

  193. Yesme

    Hina bs show off krti, she is fake bs Salman Salman krte rhti or kuch ni aata usko. Itnakya ghamand h yr usko😂 kuch bhi bolte rhti…isko bahr ka rsta dikhana bhot jruri h!

  194. Anil saronja

    Vikas Gupta ko save Karo
    He is playing well

    Hiten tejwani ko save Karo
    He is playing well

  195. Prem Pal Singh

    According to me shilpa sinde ko bahar krna chahiy, ek number ki pagal he, personal fight kar rahi hain, isko ye nahi pata uske behivour se uski kya image ban rahi , sahi hua jo use bhabhi ji k roll se nikala, ab big boss k ghar se bhi nikalna chahiy.

  196. sahinara khatun

    Shilpa shinde is a entertaining kirdar and plz save her.. she is play8ng very and cn go to finale .. plz shilpa ko mat bhejo hmlog fir bb nhi dkh sknge .. vikash ko nikalo jaldi bhagne ka shouk h usko.. bandagi pun8sh ben sally mehjabi priyank ghar ka poison ko nikalo.

  197. Junaid

    Hina bohat buri hai
    Vo har aek sai jalti hai
    Shilpa , arshi ,akash
    Best player or sachay hai
    Hina loser 👿👿👿👿👿👿

    1. Orchid

      Ha ha…dikh rahi hain silpa akash aur arshi ki dosti….all three are bakbass…..shilpa bikash bahar se plan bana ke gaya hain

  198. Feriha

    Ye hina khan cheater kaha ki …..jhutti h 1 no. KI….or akash ne sahi bola …luv or priyank hina k doggies h …mujhe priyank se to ye ummid nhi thi ….bina hina k dono chup rahte h or jaise hina sath me rahi to bht bolte h ….unko ye kyu nhi samjhra ki hina game khel rahi h unke sath ….hina is a biggest looser …darti h akele fight karne se isliye priyank or luv ko apne sath kr liya h …

  199. Zeekay zahida khan

    Jana kis ko Tha our bhaij kis ko deya ? All things are fake …
    Hi sallu …can you invite your’s gf in the big boss show ?

    1. Sharman joshi

      Hina is always Bakvas person…!!!

      In Bigg boss house best people are:-
      -Vikas Gupta
      -Shilpa Shinde
      -Hiten Tejwani

    1. Vicky sandhu

      Arre waah vaese aapki ankho pe jo andhepan ka chashma lga hae usse uttar ke dekho ki hina kitni fake hae
      Uska gasna fake, uska rona bhi votes ke liye fake, subhe uthte hi uski politics shuru ho jati hae
      Sabhi ko pets ki trah controll kr rkha hae, pta hae woh logo koh keh bhi deti hae ki doosre ke liye gallat aur firr uss cheez ko hva deti hae jaese benafshaah ko samjhane ke liye vikas gya tha jab akash ka issue hua tbb hina ne beech maen benafshah koh aese show kiya k jaese wohi benafshah ki side le rahi hae aur vikas ko aese picturise kr diya jaese voh samjhane kya aa gya usne paap kr diya, fir uske baad jbb se aakash shilpa ke anti hua hae tbb se wohi hina ko acha bhi lgne lga firr punish ki sapna ke liye jo baat kri uska gallat mtlb nikaal ke sapna ka woh dimag bhra na hina ne ufff subheh uth kr bhi vahi baat, priyank ko arshi ke liye gallat bolne ke liye uksane walli bhi vahi hae aur jb shilpa ko egg bnane ke liya order diya mem sahib ne jaese shilpa bechari uske baap ki naukar hae khud k haath nhi thee kya firr uss parr bhi footage lene ki liye kya ro krr drama kiya, firr love ka toh jo istemal kiya usne kya kehne our jhooth toh itne sfayi se bolti hae eoh love ke firehead pe makeup lga k bhi biggboss ko jhooth bola, firr arshi ke kpro ke liye bhi comment kiya lekin adalt walli task maen saaf mukkar gyi, benafshaah k jatte hi priyank pe flirt krna shuru kr diya abb usko support deke apni tarf krna chahti hae our jbb adallat valla task khatm hou toh love or priyank ne bola ki jbb tkk voh yha haen tb tk tnsn mt lo orr usne jwaab diya k tum logo ke jaane ke baad kya hoga itni gjamandi hae k uss lgta hae k vooh dono jayenge lekin bss hina nhi jayegi kitni ghamandi, fake and dramebaaz hae yeh hina iss ke liye aap log support maang rhe ho, kya bss iska ek drama dekh k itne pagaal fan bn gye ho ki iske jaese cheap and fake orr ache insaan maen farak bhi nhi krr pa rhe aap log
      Atleast dekh k toh sicho ki kya hae yeh hina khan khokhali aurat hae plz do baar socho

  200. Zeekay zahida khan

    Yai nighty Wali ko apny ap ko pathan kehny ka ya mashaalha inshalah kehny ka koi haque nahi .wo aik hot lady Hai jo karti Hai wo us ki personal life Hai …Magar apny ap ko pathan kehti Hai Pakistan ki Qandeel wala khal ho jayga is ka ,koi pathan he akar us ko is ki Asli dunia tak ly jayga Jahan hum sab NY Jana Hai …

  201. Zeekay zahida khan

    Yai arshi apny ap ko pathan kehti Hai …keyon ? Big boss ko yai sab rokna chaheye …afgani our pathan Mei farq hotta Hai …koi pathan is ko pora Kar dega phir …😈

  202. Zeekay zahida khan

    Sapna NY bohat mushkilat dekhen hain apni life Mei us k stayl ki sahti batati Hai …Sapna NY life secrifiz ki Hai …us ko jeetna chaheye

  203. Jahid Momin

    Big boss hina luv aur priyank ko galat dikha rahe hai…. Salman ko aur big boss ko arshi puneesh bandagi aur shilpa jo gandi gandi galiya dete hai sab pasand aate hai kya…? Pichle 3 had to se galat dikha rahe hai…. Kuch bhi bolo show toh hina aur priyank ke naam se chalate hai…. Aur unhe hi galat dikhate hai…. Show toh fix hai bhai…. 👍

  204. AzmiAbbas

    Hina is the best in thz house love you hina vote 4 Hina she is the best arshi is worst performer

  205. subhash

    Vikash Gupta real game khel rha h
    sbko gumharha h ! punish bandagi soch rhe h ki JB TK yha ruka jaye best h hath to Kuch aana nhi

  206. Manasi

    the most wrst people in this house is punish and gandgi uff sry bandgi…….they crossed all the limits on national television nd still they r in bb house..vry disgusting people.. maa baap ka duba diya saalone….bigg boss ji smjao enko family show hai ye….koi b grade movie nhi…

  207. AzmiAbbas

    Hina and priyank is best performer plzzzz guyzzz vote FoR them shilpa and arshi fake women dramebaaz love you hina and priyank u ppl r the best playing welll

  208. pratiksha gaikwad

    Bandgi and punish is waste in house
    Priyanka is muh fav….. 😘
    And hina is best bcoz she is perfect think so good looking matual that’s y n also attitude is matter perfect similarly hiten


    are pehle to ye p b ki gandgi band karwao mere bhai show ko kuch aur level pe leke ja rahe inka naam barabar match ho raha hai B.P (BANDGI PUNEESH ) DIKHA RAHE B.P screen pe plz wo dono ko salman bhai ki warning ka bhi asar nahi hua BB kuch karo .
    2nd thing psykash (psycho) ko kaha k jungle se laye ho usko show khatam hone pe waha bhej dijiyega waha k logo ko entertainment nahi ho raha hoga so pls send him back PSYKASH to AGRA/KANPUR /BAREILLY ELSE nearby is THANE.

    1. Zeekay zahida khan

      Kise k remains say koi shekayat nahi magar jab show family k sath baith kar dekha jata hai tab to bary bary bysharam sharma jaty hain …big boss our Salman ko action Lena chaheye ya kam say kam aditing Mei hata deya karyn…show ka chanal he change karna parh jata hai family k sath …meny mazaque keya show join karny ka to sahti say mana kar deya bhai ny …to family show ka impact galat parh raha hai families par …

  210. D r

    Plz , GANDGI OR PUNEESH (Bandgi) ok hj nikaloo. …. Has me bigg boss dekhna has nhi

  211. Zeekay zahida khan

    Salman khan ka boj utra acha laga , wesy bhi star ko aik he color ya aik he look Mei nahi rehna chaheye …
    Wesy black Mei aik umeed rehti the ha ha ha …star kabhi kise ka huwa hai keya ?
    Sapna is ok girl is ko agar saport our best instcture mill Jay to Yai larki dam rakhti hai apny dam par dam dekhany ka …

  212. Muskan

    Mera vote sirf heena khaan ko h. Master game to vikash gupta aur sleepa khel rahe ju apani bhaar ki ladai gaar me laad rahe h. Apani dusmani apani jagh h. Arashi kitana ganda bolti h kam se kam heena wo nai karti balki esi chiju ko rokti h

  213. R. K.

    Mera vote heena khaan aur sapana ko. Heena sirf jitane ke liye aye h aur bina actore ke show ko trp nai milti

  214. umar

    Arra shilpa is a manner less lady dont no how to talk ………… f……off vote for priyank jo b hai mu pa bolta hai

  215. sanam

    Biggboss ap arshi,bandagi aur puneesh ko nomination main nhn daal rhe ho ek baar bhi ..har tarah wo log bach ja rhe hai…

    plz next time kuch aisa atsk do ye log nomination main aaye

  216. Mayank

    Heena is tha best plzzz vote for heena ye bina mtlb k arshi punish bandgi ko kyu rakh rakha h ache logo ko kyu nominate krte ho her bar

  217. Mayank

    Heena is tha best plzzz vote for heena ye bina mtlb k arshi punish bandgi ko kyu rakh rakha h ache logo ko kyu nominate krte ho her

  218. Hitesh

    Sapna is the best she played a smart move with hina to save luv
    So guys vote sapna

  219. Ramratan

    Sapna chaudhary is the best…because vo apni juban ki pakki h or har bar nya dhmaka krti vote for sapna chaudhary

  220. ritik

    thank u bigg boss jo shilpa shinde se takrayega woh bigg boss se bahr jayega

  221. sonu mohan

    Yes shilpa shinde is best and will win the show hina Khan is make up and acting ki dukaan